Report – Next generation Prius gets a 6 month delay image

Toyota, the undeniable leader of both hybrid technology and sales of such models has opted to move the timetable for its fourth-generation Prius from a production start in the spring of 2015 to December of the same year.

It appears that Toyota, the world’s largest automaker and the best seller of hybrids, is aiming to alleviate issues with the next-generation hybrid system and the brand new vehicle architecture that would underpin the fourth iteration of the famous Prius hybrid.

According to sources with knowledge of the matter, the Japanese company wanted to start initial production of the hybrid, code-named 690A, in the spring of next year, but they finally opted to push it back to December. The confirmation vehicle, a prototype usually built a year before the main production starts, has been confirmed to be scheduled for this November.

The model, which as a part of Toyota’s hybrid range that sold last year more than one million cars, is adamant to the company – serving as the flag carrier for the technology. The development of the next generation puts in place the new Toyota New Global Architecture, which will underpin a broad range of models, not just the hybrids, while the new generation hybrid system is also expected to make an appearance on many more models.

Via Automotive News Europe