Report – Next Infiniti FX to be bigger on the inside image

The next version of the FX crossover, that set Infiniti on a bolder design path when first appeared in 2002, is not due out until 2015 or early 2016 but we already have news about it – the company wants a roomier interior.

Shiro Nakamura, global design chief for Nissan Motor Co. and its various brands, says Infiniti believes making the model roomier — while keeping its assertive styling — will help boost sales in its next generation.

“The FX has been the icon of Infiniti,” Nakamura said. “Exterior and styling-wise, it’s very strong as an icon. But to be honest, its sale volume has not been as big as we wanted. I think we put a little too much emphasis on exterior styling on the current FX. There is a balance. But if you compare it to some competitors, like Porsche Cayenne, we have some disadvantage. It’s not a weakness, but there’s some opportunity for us there. So our challenge is to maintain the striking look of it while making it slightly larger inside.”

The 2014 models, which are arriving now, have been renamed the QX70 as part of a new naming system across Infiniti. Roominess will be a styling challenge for a number of upcoming Infiniti vehicles as the brand adds smaller vehicles and front-wheel-drive platforms.

Infiniti’s stylists are also being particularly careful with the looks of the next FX/QX70 because it has become a big seller in new markets like China and Russia.