The company is a Chinese-backed electric vehicle startup and their initial plans call for the introduction of a battery-powered hypercar, “somewhere in Europe” before the start of 2017.

NextEV is being steered by a former Ford of Europe president – Martin Leach – and according to the latest report it will feature a performance level that is comparable to the hypercar triumvirate (McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder) – meaning it will also come with a price to match them. The United Kingdom will be used as a production location once the development stage – which has been undergoing at the company’s Munich design centre for the past couple of years – will be wrapped up. NextEV has been the result of a “handshake” back in 2014 between Chinese internet billionaire William Li and Martin Leach on the sidelines of the year’s Paris Motor Show. And aside from Ford’s former boss – who was also the US automaker’s product development head – the company has already tapped Cisco Systems’ former chief technology officer, Padmasree Warrior, to be in charge of the US operations, where software development is being run.

By the way, NextEV is also the inaugural championship title holder in the Formula E all-electric single-seat race series. “The first car is designed to attract attention and to show what we can do from a technology standpoint,” comments Leach. While reports are treating NextEV as another Tesla rival, the company executive says their range ambitions have more in common with adjectives such as universal convenience and accessibility. The start-up already has 1,000 people working in six locations across Europe, Asia and the United States and their goal would be to grow to 5,000 as they focus on China, a favorable market for electric cars.

Via Autocar


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