Report – Nissan looking at smaller than Leaf crossover or hatch with electric powertrain image

The Japanese automaker is allegedly planning to develop an electric model to slot underneath the Leaf, or is even considering a crossover that would use the EV’s next generation tech goodies.

Nissan, the owner of the best selling electric vehicle in the world, believes the Leaf to be a wide success and is now looking to expand its electric family. “We need to ensure we’re satisfying as many types of customer as possible. In Europe, that could mean looking towards B-segment hatches and SUVs or crossovers,” commented Gareth Dunsmore, chief of Nissan electric vehicles in Europe, in a recent interview. If the company goes for the hatchback option they could very well deploy many components from the Renault Zoe. “Nissan is committed to EVs making up a large part of its range, and we are looking at where we can add more electric cars. The next step would be in another volume sector, which probably isn’t sports cars,” added the manager.

If the model selected turns out to be an electric crossover, more likely the platform would be cross-shared with the upcoming second generation Leaf, and Nissan could have the credentials of being the first electric option in the compact crossover segment. Ahead of any of those vehicles, the new Leaf should come with a new generation powertrain and platform, with double the battery pack to 60 kWh and a bigger range of between 214 and 249 miles.

Via Auto Express

  • Andrew Klepatsky

    Judging from the picture and the range the new Leaf will be very close to the Tesla Model 3. So the price will win the competition. Musk declared his starting price $35000. He also said he already had 325000 reservations. Some other producers may join in. Presumably, very soon a serious battle for the low-price EV market niche will kick off.