Report: Nissan preparing 4th electric vehicle image

Nissan has big plans for the United States, especially in the EV segment, where it plans to introduce a new model soon.

Aside the Leaf, Nissan will shortly launch two other models: an electric Infiniti luxury sedan based on the Leaf and a small electric van that will be sold as a commercial van and taxi.

The form of the fourth EV however is not yet decided, with insiders quoted by Automotive News saying Nissan is considering three possibilities for the U.S. The first would be a city car, smaller than the Versa but larger than a Smart car. Although Nissan is developing the next Smart for Daimler AG in a partnership between the two automakers, Nissan officials say the Japanese company won’t have its own version of the Smart.

The second option would be an electric sports car, previewed by the Esflow Concept car. Although a production version would be a good PR move for electric cars, it won’t attract enough customers to make it viable. Finally, the third possibility would be a crossover vehicle, like the Townpod EV Concept, deemed more appropriate for the U.S. market, where crossovers enjoy good sales. However, Nissan’s 4th EV will be developed for a global market, not only for the U.S, so more factors have to be considered.