Report – Nissan setting up a Heritage Parts Program image

Fast and Furious 9 and 10 might actually benefit if this report proves true – because they can stop using exotic new rides and go back to basics, meaning youngtimer and classic cars, with some help from Nissan.

Have you noticed how the latest installments of the FF franchise is more void than ever of youngtimer and classic sports cars that were a delight in the first parts? If they want to rekindle their love for Japanese classic performance cars they will soon have an address – because the rumor mill reports the Japanese brand is looking to set up a program to produce replacement parts for some of its most iconic models. It’s called the Heritage Parts Program and it’s going to be set up through the high performance Nismo division in the upcoming months.

This will be a hit in the aftermarket zone, but enthusiast will surely rejoice at getting new OEM parts that will fit and function perfectly on their “older” sports cars. Nissan of course will treat the Skyline R32 GT-R first to the new parts, but it will then work for the R33 and R34 Skyline models and, we really hope – cross your fingers – for the 300ZX and 240Z. Allegedly the first parts might get shipped to enthusiast clients later on this autumn.

Via Drive Tribe