According to the latest rumor mill gossip, the Japanese automaker hasn’t discarded the possibility of ditching the current Z sports car in favor of a high-performance crossover inspired by the 2015 Gripz concept.

After almost seven years on the market, the Nissan 370Z is starting to grow a little long in the tooth, so with new competitors rising ever faster, the top brass is now contemplating all options for the well known Z lineup. And judging by the latest interview, Nissan executives haven’t dismissed the ongoing reports about the introduction of a high-riding Z crossover that would replace the 370Z. “Thats a good question. I cannot comment. I think the important point is, what is part of the Nissan brand? And I think dynamic performance is part of that heritage. I wouldn’t rule anything out, but we don’t comment on our future product,” said Nissan Europe chairman Paul Wilcox, when asked about the possibility.

The idea of a sporty crossover to replace the Z has even been teased by the company itself – back at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show they showed the angular Gripz concept which had a regular and even a hybrid powertrain. The concept might very well be the most conclusive proof – in both dimensions and overall performance – as to the idea of such a replacement.

Via CarAdvice


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