Report – Nissan to build and source platform for Mercedes-Benz pickup truck image

Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz has decided to shed the last luxury barrier, it would introduce by 2020 a pickup truck model to its range of luxury cars and sport utility vehicles.

Now the latest report concerning the model that might still be around five years away from reaching showrooms has the Mercedes pickup based on the future generation of the well-known Nissan Navara. The rumor comes courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, which used two unnamed sources that have knowledge of the matter to base its report – the Japanese automaker would also produce the Mercedes-designed model on the Navara platform and the Daimler AG unit would also provide technology, such as four- and six-cylinder powertrains. The report further had a bit of conflicting information, claiming the discussions between the two automakers to be very advanced at this stage, though one of the people said the finer details are “still being worked out.” Last Friday Daimler announced its Mercedes-Benz unit would introduce a midsize pickup truck before 2020.

The new model would be sold in European, Latin American, Australian and South African markets – notably the United States, a well known amateur of larger full-sized pickup trucks, has been left out. The company added the new pickup would be designed and developed by the Mercedes-Benz Vans unit. The rumor about the Nissan implication is technically well founded. Daimler and the Renault Nissan alliance have a broad industrial cooperation that includes joint partnerships on engines, the development of the Smart ForTwo and Renault Twingo minicars and cooperation at the commercial divisions level.

Via Automotive News Europe