Report – Nissan to electrify Juke and Qashqai crossovers image

According to an executive of the company, the Japanese automaker is en route to electrify its entire range – and one day could entirely drop the internal combustion engine from its options.

But for now Nissan is looking to see if the future models will be able to accommodate pure electric powertrains, with all-electric versions coming across some of its most successful models, including the Juke and Qashqai crossovers. “We’re leaders in crossovers and a leader with Leaf and we will combine those two in the future,” commented during a recent interview Gareth Dunsmore, director of the Nissan’s zero-emission business division. For now, the all-electric vehicles at Nissan have their own, separate architectures. The manager contends this is the best case scenario, but the “next step is a platform fit for EVs from day one”. And these modular architectures could also use internal combustion engines and other drivetrain technology.

It appears that Nissan is also looking to see if smaller electric vehicles become a viable business case, with Dunsmore pointing out “we have a range of options; some people want smaller vehicles and we’ll look at that.” This could have to do with the previously reported family fo Leaf vehicles, with smaller and larger models on tow.

Via Autocar