Report: Nissan to increase planned Micra production in France image

According to a report from French newspaper Les Echos, Nissan is actively planning to boost its Micra small car forecast output at a factory in France operated by Renault.

The Japanese carmaker, which aims now to deepen its existing alliance with French carmaker Renault on production and R&D levels said in a statement last year it has plans to transfer the production of the hatchback’s European versions from India. The move would see the subcompact car being manufactured at Renault’s plant in Flins, northwest France, starting with 2016.

The French newspaper said in its report that back then Nissan planned an annual production output of 82,000 units of the Micra at the Flins factory, but now the carmaker considers increasing the number by around 40,000 to 50,000 units.

As the Micra shares its underpinning platform with the Renualt Clio model, which is currently built next to the Zoe electric at the Flins factory, production increase is certainly technically achievable. A Renault spokeswoman detailed that the reported plan is “under discussion” and Nissan’s executive committee members are to consider it later this month. The Nissan production switch also comes as Renault seeks to raise capacity at its French plants from 60-65% currently to as much as 85 % by 2016.

Via Automotive News Europe