It’s an equitable figure – 20 for 2020 – coming in a recent interview from Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle (EV) Director for Nissan Europe at the Japanese automaker.

Particularly, the manager signaled the automaker is very pleased with commitments like the one France recently took to help people change their buying habits to more sustainable automobiles. Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot recently said France would try to end new sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040, proposing intermediate helping measures. “By 2020, where the market conditions are right, I’m confident we’ll be selling up to 20 percent of our volume as zero emissions vehicles and this will only grow,” commented Dunsmore.

Of course, France’s commitment is certainly going to benefit their alliance partner Renault first – which is also fully involved in the green mobility strategy as well, and counts on the Zoe subcompact as Europe’s top selling electric car. It will retain that position, particularly since the introduction of the new 40 kWh battery version. Meanwhile, Nissan will look to retain its own top position in the segment – this time on a global level – with the introduction of the second-generation Leaf. It’s set to come with the new design language premiered by the smaller Micra and it’s also expected to be able – at least in the top version – to fight directly with the Chevrolet Bolt long-range electric.

Via Reuters


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