Although until now the plans for the Fiat – Mazda cooperation called for Alfa Romeo to get a MX-5 roadster derivative, according to sources close to the matter, the badge change would now go to Fiat or Abarth.

If the reports turn to be true, Alfa’s fate seems even dire now, as a model based on the MX-5 roadster would have been very beneficial to the Italian sports brand. The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity added that planners from both companies have not met yet, but will do it soon to address the implications of the potential badge modification.

“Abarth really makes sense for a lightweight, small displacement, high-output two-seat roadster, which perfectly fits the brand’s DNA,” one of the sources said.

Because Mazda would build both roadsters at its facility in Hiroshima, Japan and Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne more than once said that as long as he is in charge of the company no Alfa would be built outside Italy, we could actually take the rumor as a fact.

Additionally, Alfa Romeo will already have a new convertible in the line-up, the planned roof down version of the 4C coupe – set to debut in concept form at the Geneva auto show, starting tomorrow.

Via Automotive News Europe


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