According to the latest rumor off the mill, the existing partnership between General Motors and ride-hailing service Lyft is getting ready to introduce the fruit of their collaboration.

Apparently “thousands” of self-driving all-electric Chevrolet Bolts will be in use starting 2018 with the Lyft services. We already know General Motors decided to invest $500 million into the ride-hailing service provider and their partnership specifically centers on Lyft starting to use autonomous electric Chevrolet Bolt cars. According to the latest report, Lyft will have a massive “network of on-demand autonomous vehicles” in certain states – we already saw GM’s subsidiary Cruise Automation using the autonomous Bolt on the streets of San Francisco, while the automaker is also using the normal electric Bolt for its own Maven car-sharing service in San Francisco.

Naturally, Uber – Lyft’s bigger rival – is also keenly interested in having its own network of autonomous vehicles, and is working with more than one company to fulfill the goal – Ford, Volvo and lately, Mercedes-Benz. There are also other important technology companies that want to share a piece of the autonomous car-sharing pie, most obviously Google’s Waymo, which has partnered with FCA for a fleet of 100 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans and will also use vehicles from Honda.

Via Reuters


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