Normally we say, “One ad can do nothing!!”, but the fact is different as just one advertise has changed the minds and views of the people of America about GM. General Motors have recently presented the ad which proclaimed that they have repaid all the debts of US Government with interest in five years advance to the desired period. This news has gained huge appraisal and momentum in the auto lovers. The report says that just one ad has created greater soft corner and preference towards GM that has exceeded the position of the company from Toyota and almost has an edge with Ford as well.

Although this ad has proved controversial as the Republicans have asked many of the questions on this ad and have raised many of the questions on reliability of this ad. According to one of the representative of Republicans Grassley,

“The GM is playing with the facts as they are paying the bailout package money but not the money invested by the government. So, the claim of full recovery of the company is definitely a “lie” and we are quite confident to sue the company for this misleading ad”.

The CEO of GM Ed Whitacre is differing to the controversies as he clarified that, “we have never said that we have paid the Government investment. The way we said, it was quite honest and we mean that”.

The YouGov survey for this topic on 5,000 people states that there are definitely mixed reviews of the people on this topic but most importantly the positive rating of GM has risen from 12 to 17. This is the biggest gain to GM just because an ad!!

So, the things are getting hotter and hotter but never the less GM has won the battle in case of popularity. Not only the ad but also this controversy has made the best grounds for the people. It is the rule of these days that “becoming popular is more important, wise or worse is secondary!!” So, accordingly the GM have won the confidence of the Auto lovers and the improvement in the impression of the company will definitely make the company more and more enhanced. This popularity has been gained on the right time as GM is going to launch the medium duty truck model as well as the compact car model of Chevrolet Cruze. Also the company is all set to present the whole range of new models of Chevy cars in the end of this year.

Moral of the story: “One ad can change your destiny!!”


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