Report – Opel now thinking about producing the GT concept with Mokka-sourced parts image

While Opel has said previously it has decided to keep the beautiful GT Concept a design study, a new report comes to dispute the idea, claiming the company is considering a production version.

If the rumor pans out the fans of the brand will be overjoyed but even the rest of interested drivers might become Opel aficionados if the eventual production model keeps the prototype’s recipe intact – a lightweight and affordable model. It’s kind of a Mazda MX-5 thought from the get go as a coupe and with German styling and engineering. After it was one of the stars of the recent Geneva Motor Show, the sexy Opel GT Concept could transition to real life and the report claims the manufacturer is already hard at work even though they haven’t established the exact business case for the model. More interestingly, since the company has “no rear-drive platform” – these are the words of Opel chief Karl Thomas Neumann – the model would use a derivation of the all-wheel drive architecture underpinning the larger Mokka crossover. Apparently, a source has tipped the rear differential and suspension of the bigger SUV may be used to underpin the sporty coupe.

You should take this with a healthy dose of skepticism since the market for such model has continuously shrunk over the recent years – exactly because of bigger sales of crossovers such as the Mokka – but if the model gets the green light the engineers also have to work out the issue of a suitable transmission to channel the power to the RWD assembly. In case you forgot, the lightweight concept uses a very standard three-cylinder 1.0-liter petrol unit churning out 145 horsepower for a 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in no more than eight seconds.

Via Autocar