Report: Opel plans an electric car image

While the European subsidiary of GM already has a hybrid in place – the Ampera, to meet the ever more stringent pollution requirements, it has been reported that Opel also plans to out an all-electric car by 2017.

The report comes from the German magazine Automobilwoche, which said that Opel’s internally nicknamed BEV (battery electric vehicle) is set to best the 38,300-euro ($52,400) Ampera – being much cheaper, but also smaller.

Automobilwoche kept its sources of information close, without revealing who gave the insight on Opel’s plans, but added that the model would be part of the company’s small car offensive that would also see in 2015 the advent of a city car set to rival Volkswagen’s Up model and cost below 10,000 euros.

Meanwhile, because of smaller than expected adoption of the plug-in Ampera model, Opel decided to cut the car’s price by close to 8,000 euros in Germany – Europe’s biggest car market – while keeping its main advantage of being able to travel between 40-80 kilometers electrically and then a further 500 km thanks to the small gasoline engine used as range extender.

Via Reuters