Report – Opel says the GT concept will remain a prototype image

According to the latest report on the matter, the German automaker has confirmed it currently has no plans in place that would involve delivering a series model on the basis of the GT Concept.

The spectacular GT Concept has just been unveiled online last week but the prototype already caught the flaming imagination of the German media and of virtual designers – all of them envisioned the probability of the model transforming into a series produced no-frills sports car. The reports went on about a probable 2017 – 2018 introduction and the introduction in the current roster of models as the spiritual successor of the original 1968 GT. The rumors were also reading the confidence booster meters following the release – especially since Opel previewed the model with a “reinvention” theme. And even delivering it to the factory was already strategized by the rumor mill – the production series model would have used a modified version of the new Astra compact hatchback architecture.

It appears now all these dreams may need some sobering up because a company spokesman recently said the GT is “purely a concept study to show off innovations that may one day be found in an Opel production car. The explanation further details the reasons – the niche in which the GT would have been placed is not expanding today and the model would not have been a valuable business case. The stylish and yet retro-inspired GT Concept will be seen by the worldwide audience at the Geneva Motor Show booth this March.

Via Automotive News Europe