Opel aims to match last year’s sales level of more than 1 million vehicles in Europe in 2013 thanks to the launch of the new Adam city car and Cascada cabriolet models.

“Of course it depends to a degree on the industry. What I definitely do expect is to grow our market share,” Opel sales chief Duncan Aldred was quoted as saying by Reuters at a media event in Geneva on Monday. He added the overall car market in Europe could decline by as much as ten percent over 2012.

Opel and its UK sister brand Vauxhall forecast a boost in particular from its newest two models, the Mokka subcompact SUV and the Adam. There are already 90,000 orders for the Mokka, almost equalling Opel’s full-year production capacity for the SUV. Orders for the Adam city car reached about 30,000 so far, with the model only now about to hit dealer showrooms in the UK.

Opel sales chief said that the company’s business already built a cushion into its forecast. “We had more optimism that it would come in above our budget, but unfortunately it’s coming down right in line with it. So it’s working from the basis of ‘plan for the worst, hope for the best,’ but I was hoping there was more strength than there appears to be,” Aldred said.


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