Report – Opel to make “Monza SUV” in Rüsselsheim from 2017 image

According to a report coming from German automotive magazine “Auto Bild”, Opel plans to bring to life a new crossover model internally called so far “Monza” from 2017, to be built on the Rüsselsheim home soil.

General Motors has just finished a 230 million euros investment in the development center, so the reported production location sounds very probable – they have the technology and the willing workforce.

The SUV would be aggressively styled, with a crossover allure rather than a traditional 4×4 look, seeking to appeal to a broad customer base. Also, although Opel would position the model towards the premium end of its model line, the reported base price of 26,000 euros would make it very close to the Insignia – and a good deal lower than what competition from BMW – Audi or Mercedes-Benz have on offer.

The connections to the Insignia model line will probably be carried to the powertrain department, sourcing most of its engines to the Monza SUV – from the base 1.4 liter 140 hp-gasoline turbo to the top of the range 195 hp-diesel and 250 hp-gasoline.

Via Automobil Produktion