Indian specialist automaker Mahindra and Mahindra decided to acquire the famed Pininfarina design studio last year and the move could translate into the latter becoming an electric carmaker.

The Indian technology and automotive giant knows the potential of the Italian design house – for example during the Geneva Motor Show they presented themselves with the H2 Speed, a hydrogen, fuel cell-powered sports car. And since Mahindra has become involved in the world of Formula E the pass to production series models is a natural advancement – they would just have to solve the technical puzzle of releasing a technologically advanced model with the famed Pininfarina design. Design plays a critical part in designing vehicles in such a way that they are robust yet pollute the least while giving you the thrill that people want in vehicles, ” commented recently Mahindra automotive chief Pravin Shah. He also noted that racing and sports cars are just facets of the same coin, meaning the purchase of Pininfarina would “surely help us in the space of Formula E”.

Mahindra is looking today to set itself apart in the crowded automotive space – with the help of the acquired design house and the Tech Mahindra information technology arm. Their main goal is to deliver a unique business proposition in the area of automobiles, in the area of racing, in the area of changing design perceptions”, while also responding to the current environmental concerns. The top roster at Mahindra believe Pininfarina is capable of embracing any powertrain technology, thanks to its design openness.

Via Autocar


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