Report – Pininfarina to deliver small series of hydrogen race car image

The Italian design house has a new owner to back its financial ideas, so they apparently have laid down plans to produce in a small series the H2 Speed Concept in a bid to fight the latest crop of high-powered hypercars.

The prototype – which has a hydrogen powertrain – was first seen at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year, and is now apparently heading towards limited production in a few years. This hydrogen-powered race car will not be cheap – at $2.5 million apiece – and just 10 units are expected to come out of the factory. This will be “a racing car for gentleman drivers,” comments CEO Silvio Pietro, which tipped the media about interested buyers already lining up to snatch one.

The production version should be pretty close to the concept in terms of exterior styling, and under that gorgeous Italian-flavored supercar design sits a Le Mans Prototype 2 racing chassis. This means it will be usable under FIA rules for competitions, but there’s no chance to use it on the streets as well. The Pininfarina boss said a working prototype would be presented in 2017, with production starting about a year later. The hydrogen hybrid setup provides “at least 503 horsepower (375 kilowatt)”, but no exact specifications or technical details have been advanced so far.

Via Automotive News