The upcoming Pajun model that is in development at Germany’s luxury sports car manufacturer has been doing the rumor mill for quite some time and now the latest report pans it as an electric-only vehicle to rival Tesla’s Model S.

According to German magazine “auto motor und sport”, Volkswagen AG’s prized Porshce brand has opted out of offering gasoline and diesel versions of the much-anticipated Pajun sedan, envisioning it as an electric-only model designed to fight models in the luxury segment – such as America’s Tesla Model S. According to the rumors shared to us by the media representatives at “auto motor und sport”, the Porsche officials now believe that the sporty sedan segment has become increasingly crowded (just to name the top performers, we have the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and numerous entries from Japanese, US and even British and Italian premium brands). Thus, the conventionally powered Pajun has been axed in favor of a more niche status, where the model only has to worry about the Tesla Model S for now.

Additionally, the company is forecasting that by the time the Pajun needs to reach dealerships – around 2018 or 2019 – the electric powertrain would already reach the next generation status. That means in three or four years the underlying battery technology would finally make the much-awaited leap needed for vehicles of Pajun’s reported size to have a more manageable range of 350 km to 400 km (217 miles to 248 miles), thus finally allowing customers to shed the range anxiety of today’s electric cars. The Pajun, which should be around 4,6 meters long, would be based on the larger sibling – Panamera – thus earning its current nickname of Panamera Junior.

Via Automotive News Europe


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