Volvo decided to derive its former performance division Polestar into a standalone brand, still oriented towards performance, but also highly oriented towards the electric sector.

Apparently – according to the rumor mill – the newly minted brand has already started work on its own, unique performance models with their own design, so far at least one, maybe even two, being taken into consideration. According to a recent report, one of them would be a performance coupe with lots of carbon fiber in and out, as well as a powerful powertrain of around 600 bhp – more than anything Volvo has ever created so far. Volvo reintroduced Polestar to the world as a separate entity this month and said none of its models will have the Volvo logo – instead the latter is still going to have Polestar enhancements in its range.

“Polestar will enjoy specific technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and benefit from significant economies of scale as a result of its connection to Volvo. These synergies will allow it to design, develop and build world-beating electrified highperformance cars,” explains Volvo in a statement what’s going to happen with Polestar. And that’s going to happen fast, because the high-performance coupe is expected to be showcased as soon as the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show this September. The Volvo-Geely flexible SPA and CMA platforms do bring a world of possibilities for bespoke Polestar models – and rumors are also talking about the new S60 as being a worthy candidate to become a coupe in Polestar guise.

Via Autocar


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