Report – Polestar’s teased model to pack 600 electrified ponies image

All questions will be answered come October 17, when the recently turned sole automaker Polestar will unveil their first-ever model, only teased so far and believed to be a coupe.

Acting as a subsidiary of partner Volvo for a very short period, it seems the Geely parent has devised a large strategy for Polestar, acting as the group’s electrified performance brand. Now that doesn’t mean the ties with Volvo will be severed – instead the new cars will be branded as Polestar solely and the ones modified for Volvo will feature their own branding. According to a new report, the new model from Polestar is apparently a hybrid – and a fun one, because it should carry a rating of 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts).

Apparently, the production version will be ready for commercialization in 2019, with power provided from under the hood by an electric motor helped as a generator by a small gas engine. Performance should be great, with an estimated 0-62 mile-per-hour (100 kilometer-per-hour) sprint coming under the four second mark. So far, the teaser – looking like an image puzzle – paints the design in reference to the Volvo Concept Coupe that remains spectacular even though it was presented almost half a decade ago. We even have a fan artist rendering depicting the possible outcome – we’ll see if he was correct on October 17, when the model is scheduled for the worldwide introduction.

Via Auto Motor & Sport

Report – Polestar’s teased model to pack 600 electrified ponies