Report – Porsche and the idea of having an autonomous Porsche image

As the world of autonomous cars is on the horizon, there are numerous and ardent questions – such as what driver oriented sorts car brands, like Porsche, will do?

The mainstream auto industry is embracing – apparently – the prospect of turning the car industry into an autonomous car affair. That lives a big question for sports cars – with them being developed around the idea that owners “drive” them. As in enjoy hitting the track, the mountain pass, the highway, the seaside scenic route – all the while manning the wheel, the stick and pedals. But the future could very well forbid the driver from touching the controls of a car if everyone goes autonomous.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said the company has no desire to launch a fully autonomous car. “When you buy a Porsche, you will drive it yourself, full stop,” he said during a recent interview. He conceded though to elements of self-driving features being introduced into Porsches as a way of boosting convenience. “At the moment we do not think about a full version of robotic driving, we are thinking about features to combine with the real Porsche genes, so at the end you still have a real Porsche,” Blume added. “For example, when you are going to work in the morning and you are in a traffic jam, there is a possibility to read the newspaper. When you go to a restaurant and you cannot find somewhere to park, the car will find somewhere to park itself and then fetch you after you leave the restaurant.”

Via Autocar