Report – Porsche CEO talks about abandoning diesels image

The Dieselgate scandal has had repercussions not only throughout the entire VW Group – but also cast a shadow of doubt upon the technology across the world.

Authorities around the world are discussing about potential bans against diesels in the near future and the German group, the largest automaker in the world, is supposedly going to pay more than $25 billion as compensation while closing most diesel sales in America. With such dire prospects for the technology, no wonder Porsche might be considering to retire diesels out of its range by the end of the decade. According to a recent report, Porsche is right now mulling whether it makes sense developing another generation of diesel engines after the current one has lived its payday. CEO Oliver Blume hinted the sports car manufacturer might ditch them altogether – though this idea might also be forced upon them, since they are currently facing accusations of their own emissions cheating.

“Of course, we are looking into this issue,” CEO Blume reportedly commented in an interview. “We have not made a decision on it. For the generations that will follow there are different scenarios.” Porsche will move to hybrids and all-electric models in the next decade to 15 years, ahead of a decision about its diesel engines. Diesels first appeared on a Porsche back in 2009 when the first generation Cayenne SUV was introduced, now approaching its third, still probably offered with the technology.

Via Reuters