Report – Porsche could set new sales target image

According to people familiar with the company, Porsche’s executives could in the near future come up with a new target, as the current 2018 sales goal could be achieved faster thanks to increased SUV sales.

The new smaller and more affordable Macan SUV has yet to hit German dealer lots (it’s due out there in April), but already its production for no less than eight months has been sold out, prompting Chief Executive Matthias Mueller to say Porsche sales levels could reach 200,000 units by 2015, three years faster than originally forecasted.

Stuttgart-based LBBW analyst Frank Biller said, “Porsche is aiming to grow profitably. Preserving the brand’s exclusivity is key, so any move on investments and products must be gauged very carefully.”

According to two sources that talked to Reuters on condition of anonymity, the management board at Porsche has started drafting a new expansion plan, beyond the existing “Strategy 2018″ (laid out in 2011). The new long-term course could stretch beyond the previous roadmap to 2023, but no specific details were actually given. We should also not that under the existing plan Porsche’s profitability goal was 15%, a figure already surpassed by Porsche’s nine-month margin, that stood at 18 %.

Via Reuters