While not long ago the German sports car brand wasn’t entirely faithful in all-electric powertrains to retain the level of performance clients have come to expect from the company, it turns out they are going for a change of view.

Probably the continued records of electric vehicles such as those blazing fast Teslas or the Nio EP9 electric hypercar dominating tracks around the world have lent a new view to the Porsche management. The optics might have been changed by their own development work for the first ever fully electric Porsche, the production version of the Mission E concept. According to CEO Oliver Blume, no less than 50 percent of Porsche’s production by 2023 might be represented by electrified models. Of course, the first fully-fledged EV will be the Mission E, expected to enter manufacturing in 2019.

And they have major ambitions for the model – with previously announced production plans of 20,000 units per year – which is almost 10 percent of the company’s 2016 total sales of more than 230,000 vehicles. And that’s not all, because the company is also planning a second all-electric model, this time based on the Macan SUV. The CEO is even delivering sales expectations for the two – a capacity of 60,000 cars per year has been signed at its Zuffenhausen factory.

Via Electrek


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