Report – Porsche to deliver mid-engined 960, pitted against Lambo Huracan and Ferrari 488 GTB image

The rumor mill has been eerie quiet lately when it comes to the upcoming Porsche mid-engine supercar project, but that’s over now as we’re being tipped to a quad-turbocharged 3.9-liter flat-eight engined performance vehicle.

Another crucial piece of information is that Porsche has trademarked in September 2015 the 960 nameplate, and an undisclosed official was rather mysterious about it saying “There’s not been much on the topic of new models but, if you look, there are blank spots in our range – and you have to look at what the competition is doing and keep these things in mind.” This of course is not really a trustworthy piece of information since it’s actually rather hollow but there’s no reason not to speculate on the sidelines. As such, the rumor mill calls the automaker ready to introduce the new mid-engine supercar in 2019 in a bid to go against the Ferrari 588 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan and McLaren 650S.

Apparently the new model will also bring an entirely new platform built using lightweight materials such as aluminum, titanium, high-strength steel, and an assortment of composites – allowing it to tip the scales at just 3086 pounds. The rumors were also giving a wide range of engine choices but it appears Porsche has already decided on a quad-turbocharged 3.9-liter flat-eight engine that would spew no less than 650 horsepower. Additionally, since the emission topic is hot as a volcano, the powerplant would also deploy a variable compression ratio system titled “VarioCom” to lower pollution levels and hike fuel efficiency.

Via Car Magazine