Report – Porsche trying to get others to implement Mission E fast charger image

The German sports car maker is gearing up for the impending introduction of the production Mission E model and it now allegedly wants other carmakers to also use its fast charger solution.

The Mission E concept was first revealed last year in Frankfurt, and one of its main assets was the Porsche Turbo Charging system. It topped the battery to an 80 percent charge in just 15 minutes – allowing the all-electric sports sedan to go for up to 248 miles (400 kilometers). Porsche has so far promised the concept to give most of its assets to the production version, including this tremendous charger.

Porsche is leading the development team on the fast charger and the strategy is to offer the solution throughout the entire VW group for their future electric cars. But apart form that Porsche is now reportedly looking to get other on the bandwagon. Oliver Blume, the company’s boss, has revealed in an interview the technology is being made flexible so it can be adopted by other applications – and could even work with Tesla’s models. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler’s CEO has even admitted his company to be engaged in discussions with Porsche to cooperate on the new charger. Oliver Blume again said the Mission E will deliver most of its performance specs to the production version – 62 mph sprint in less than 3.5 seconds and more than 300 miles (482 km) on a single charge.