Report – Porsche waiting on EV breakthrough for hero models image

The German automaker is on its way towards introducing the production series model based on the Mission E concept before the turn of the decade, but after that it will reportedly wait some time for new technologies.

Porsche is seemingly waiting for better battery technology before presenting halo models that feature electrified powertrains – the successor of the 918 Spyder hypercar, as well as a fully electric 911. A recent interview featuring the company’s R&D chief has hinted at Porsche’s desire to wait for the battery technology to mature and even sport a breakthrough before starting work on these crucial models. “A future super-sports is a matter of technology,” commented Michael Steiner. “If we were to do it now, it would be a hybrid. But we have already done that with the 918.”

Reading the fine print, this means the next hypercar built by Porsche will be a fully electric one. “The next one might be even longer,” added the manager, meaning we’re in for an even longer wait for the halo car – the hiatus between the Carrera GT and the 918 that appeared in 2013 was of no less than nine years.

As for the 911 EV, the carmaker is even putting its finger on the “breakthrough” technology – lightweight, solid-state batteries might be just the thing the sports car builder needs to deliver both the performance and reliability expected by its clients. “We see potential new battery technology coming that may change the game again, but they are still in development,” further explained Steiner. According to research, solid-state batteries use a solid electrolyte – bringing higher energy density and increased stability, making them safer.

Via Autocar 1, 2