Report – Porsche’s mid-engine supercar delayed by Dieslegate? image

Fans of the Porsche brand will surely feel dissatisfied with this report – because if it pans out the rumored Porsche 960 mid-engined supercar has been postponed a full decade.

The rumors about the Porsche supercar have been around for years, most likely triggered by the adoring fans that have grown displeased with all that SUV and Panamera saloon love coming from the automaker. But the purists are in for an even longer wait – for a proper mid-engined supercar – as apparently the Dieselgate has trespassed into Porsche territory as well. The model should have been out in 2019 and get placed above the 911 Turbo S but underneath the sold-out 918 Spyder. But it seems the foreseeable future is not a good horizon for the model, which allegedly will only be ready around 2026.

This is truly disappointing, but fairly obvious and easy to explain. VW CEO Matthias Müller has already revealed group plans to delay or cancel any project that is not adamant to the core of the company. We already know the Porsche 960 is not the only victim – the second generation flagship Phaeton has also been postponed, while the upcoming Golf R420 high-powered hot hatch has been axed entirely. The 960 would have been Porsche’s competitor for the Ferrari 488 GTB, making use of a quad-turbo flat-eight, 3.9-liter engine mounted in the middle and packing about 650 horsepower (485 kilowatts).