Report – Porsche’s Mission E design and specifications to mostly be kept by production version image

The German automaker has apparently tipped it has decided to remain very faithful to the Mission E concept when it’s time to introduce its first electric vehicle.

The spectacular Mission E concept has been introduced in 2015 during the Frankfurt Motor Show and the fans rejoiced for the upcoming battle between the future production version and Tesla’s Model S sedan. During the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, Porsche chief executive officer Oliver Blume commented the electric vehicle’s external design “will be very similar” to the prototype and when asked about the concept’s suicide doors he quipped this is indeed a hard problem”, but the engineers have in mind something “very close.” Additionally, the production version will keep the Mission E’s quoted 310-mile (500 km) range thanks to the concept’s Porsche Turbo Charging. This means the driver can recharge the battery pack to an 80% level in only 15 minutes which translates to a range of about 248 miles (400 km). Of course, there’s the issue of having access to an 800-volt 150kW charger necessary for the 15-minute charge.

Expected to come around the turn of the decade, Porsche’s first electric car will have a completely bespoke platform – the Mission E came to the party with at least 600 horsepower (440 kilowatts) from its two electric motors. That was enough to break the 62 mph (100 km/h) mark in about 3.5 seconds, with the specifications expected to mostly be kept on the production version.