Report – Possible Ferrari LaFerrari Spider sighting took place during private event image

The rumor mill allegedly caught wind about a Ferrari-organized private event that took place on Friday that was all about showcasing to potential affluent buyers the open top Spider version of the LaFerrari flagship.

This is not a really wild rumor since Ferrari has been tipped on more than one occasion to have the roof taken out from the LaFerrari for a version enjoyed by people who like to see the sky without anything in between. The model is considered to be ready to be presented as an homage for the 70 years that have passed since Ferrari badged its first car – though other reports are calling for an entirely special design prepared by the Prancing Horse on this occasion. The latter move would be more in line with this “leak” which hints at the LaFerrari Spider presentation taking place this year – the anniversary is going down in 2017 to mark the 70 years since the 125 S was first showcased.

To no one’s surprise apparently all the Spiders have also found their respective buyers and according to rumors the ones that had the first opportunity to snatch it are the owners of the FXX K. The production run is expected to be limited to 150 units and chances are all of them will retail for significantly more than the asking price of the LaFerrari coupe which has been manufactured in 499 units at $1.69 million a pop. The LaFerrari Spider could become official as early as June when the Ferrari Cavalcade 2016 is taking place.