Report – Production ready version of the 308 R very likely image

After its recent unveiling during the 2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor show and its good vibes from the media and public, Peugeot Managing Director reportedly said the company is readying a production version of the concept.

Peugeot Managing Director Maxime Picat said: “There is room for a 308 R that uses the same engine as the concept car at Frankfurt.” As a refresher, the 308 R concept had a 1.6-liter THP engine that produced 270 bhp (201 kW) and 330 Nm (243 lb-ft) of torque. It was connected to a six-speed manual transmission, which sent power to the front wheels via a Torsen differential.

Speaking to Top Gear UK, Picat also said “We will create specific high-line versions of our cars. For example the 208 GTi and RCZ R. I gave permission to the Peugeot Sport team to create cars for customers. Clearly the RCZ R and the potential 308 R will be developed by Peugeot sport to use sport technologies.”

The 308 R concept has forged pistons and a Torsen differential, four-pot brakes on aluminium hubs but also a wider, all-carbon fiber skin mounted to the regular 308’s inner body – only the roof and tailgate is the same as a standard car. We do expect the production ready 308 R to have a wider track and wings, as does the 208 GTI versus a normal 208 – but clearly the carbon fiber skin will not make it onto the standard model.

Via Top Gear UK