Report – Renault coming with upgraded 200-mile Zoe in Paris image

The best selling electric vehicle in Europe, the Renault Zoe is rumored to receive an ample makeover that will see it add a new set of batteries and a better electric motor for a 200-mile range.

Last year the all-electric Renault Zoe was subtly updated – and even had its range slightly increased – but it seems the automaker is now preparing an important makeover – if we believe French media. The autonomy is scheduled to get the most benefits – with a range of around 200 miles (320 km), meaning it would almost double the current credentials. If the reports are true, the official introduction will be in front of the worldwide audience of the Paris Motor Show. For now, the Zoe has 22-kilowatt hour battery pack, for a NEDC-rated range of 150 miles (241 km), which is actually just around 90 miles in real-world scenarios.

The reports are claiming the 200 mile autonomy will be “range under normal conditions,” thanks to a new battery pack courtesy of LG and a smaller but more efficient electric motor. This would put the Zoe in the same league as upcoming new generation electric vehicles – the Opel Ampera-e being the most important example for the European continent.