The performance division has been apparently denied the opportunity to work its magic on the French brand’s sport utility vehicles due to fears of image damage and low sales.

At the end of last year the rumor mill caught wind of a possible evolution of the performance division into the popular crossover and SUV segment – with global marketing chief, Jerome Stoll, even admitting an SUV was the most likely candidate for the third Renault RS model. Nobody specifically pointed towards the Captur being the chosen candidate, but it appears the subcompact crossover was chosen due to its close relationship to the Clio. There were even Captur RS mules being prototyped for further assessment – deploying a modified version of the Clio RS220 Trophy 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol turbo and six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

But it appears the company has now changed its mind. “The RS SUV is cancelled, it’s finished. It’s not going to happen. Sure, RenaultSport can make a really nice car, a car that handles maybe unlike any other SUV, but there’s a worry there is no demand for it,” are the comments of a close source that works with RenaultSport. The division has now thus canceled plans to develop the Captur RS and then a Kadjar RS but it’s still pressured to spectacularly grow and double deliveries by 2019.

Via Motoring


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