Report – Renault source claims Megane RS is 2WD and has manual box image

The coupe-only Megane RS of the previous generation has ceased manufacturing quite recently, so every Renault fan is now expecting the release of the new generation model.

According to the latest intel gathered from sources, Renault is focused on the replacement – which is going to appear in five-door guise only – and the model has been spotted by spy photographers hiding under a reworked Megane GT body. A source close to Renault has now spilled the beans on some technical goodies as well, with the novelties surely pleasing the crowd. For starters, we have an all-new turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, which will make purists happy because it will be teamed with a six-speed manual gearbox. The latter is complete with rev-matching technology adapted from the Nissan 370Z – tests conducted in-house showed the heavier but launch control enabled dual-clutch box will even be slower in the 62 mph sprint.

The optional auto transmission will of course be faster on the track, and the fourth-gen Megane RS will also have four-wheel steering, though offered as an optional kit unlike on the GT. Renault Sport is also thinking lots about weight – switching from a three-door coupe to a larger and five-door body style sure brings some form of penalty. It appears unknown lightweight materials will appear – though we can’t vouch for a carbon fiber construction at this point.