While it makes sense to have two electric cars – like Zoe and Leaf – use the same platform, it seems that surprisingly the models are set to compete in the same segment when their new generations arrive.

Renault and Nissan are again working on economies of scale by deciding to jointly develop a completely new jointly develop a common platform for electric cars. Thus their most successful electrics – Zoe and Leaf – will share the same underpinnings and even the electric motor. Arnaud Deboeuf, senior vice president of Renault-Nissan BV, has hinted at the new strategy, with the company he works for being tasked with the alliance’s strategic management. More so, Deboeuf actually revealed both models will run for the same segment – meaning either the Leaf will shrink or the Zoe will grow to enter the compact segment.

In addition, these changes aren’t to be expected too soon, because the manager also explained the current Leaf will only get a facelift by 2018 – meaning an all-new Leaf isn’t going to be available before the turn of the decade. According to rumors from French media, it’s going to be the Zoe who gains the new platform first, though that won’t happen either before the end of the decade.



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