The subcompact Zoe is by far the best selling electric vehicle in Europe – even ahead of the global leader, group counterpart Nissan Leaf – and we’re now hearing rumors of a possible jump into real life of the spectacular E-Sport concept.

Showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, the zero emissions car has been turned into an electric pocket rocket thanks to the two electric motors that deliver almost 460 horsepower (343 kilowatts) and a torquetastic 472 pound-feet (640 Newton-meters) when combined. And with Renault touting it as a car capable of accelerating just as fast as a Formula E car (Renault has a major presence there, of course) we’re not entirely surprised – but of course thrilled – that Renault Sport is contemplating the business case for coming out with their high-performance Zoe RS version.

Patrice Ratti, the high-performance unit’s chief, was recently interviewed and hinted “we are thinking about doing a Zoe RS but it is a big study that will take time.” He even detailed the case a little bit – explaining the idea is now possible only thanks to the latest developments made in battery technology. Of course we’re not going to get the direct production version of the E-Sport concept, and frankly with the issue of time involved we might be seeing the hotter Zoe appear with an RS badge only after the model changes generations.

Via Autocar


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