The company has recently introduced the Rasa “road-legal engineering prototype” hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and is now ready to take the automotive world by storm via a full blown model lineup.

Riversimple has recently announced, the rumor pits it, plans to introduce two more hydrogen-powered vehicles next to the compact coupe, a four-door sedan and a van. The Rasa compact coupe is not even official as a production model but the company is already looking ahead and developing two additional models. Like the Rasa, a hydrogen-powered road-legal engineering prototype, the two new vehicles will also sport a highly aerodynamic design that won’t be too appealing. Since this is efficiency over styling, we’ll get them with partially covered rear wheels to reduce the drag coefficient and increase range, for example. The models could come with the same technical credentials of the Rasa, which sports a range of up to 300 miles (483 km). But the same range won’t be achieved since the two will be heavier compared to the two-seater coupe which is just 1,279 pounds (580 kilograms) heavy.

Report – Riversimple will bring an entire roster to life 4

With the rasa envisioned on the streets at the start of 2018 we can expect the sedan and van even further away. The main focus of the vehicles from Riversimple is to lower the “well-to-wheel CO2 output.” This is a concept depicting the level of carbon dioxide generated from the car’s conception until the end of its life. Their concept is to deliver highly efficient and lightweight vehicles with hydrogen powertrains. No jobs were offered to the design department, though, it seems.



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