BMW’s ultra luxury brand is thinking ahead, now with two major models in its line-up the British could dedicate to a future SUV or even a range of coachbuilt limited editions.

Rolls-Royce designers are sketching potential SUVs for BMW’s premier brand, but the British ultra-luxury carmaker may have better success with a new series of coachbuilt, limited-edition models with custom carbon-fiber bodywork, Edmunds has learned from undisclosed insiders within the company.

According to the sources, the British are far from convinced that a Rolls SUV is the right way to go. The difficulty of blending the brand’s upright, temple-façade grille with the height of an SUV is one issue; the fact that a Rolls-Royce is neither “sports” nor “utility” another.

On the other hand, Rolls is watching closely the progress that parent BMW has made with reducing the cost of carbon fiber for its new i-Series electric and hybrid models, and thinks this development may offer it the chance to create low-volume, limited-edition models with modified bodywork.

The car would retain its inner structure, with strategic reshaping of its outer panels in carbon fiber. Although composite materials are expensive, they are much cheaper to tool than steel or aluminum panels. Low-volume, limited-edition models like this could be an alternative way for Rolls to expand its exclusive high-end appeal without venturing into the potentially less tasteful world of high-end SUVs.

Via Edmunds


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