It appears the British ultra-luxury automaker is going down the same route as its parent – BMW – in rejecting the SUV typecast and opting to present the Cullinan under a different term.

All BMW official announcements forego the term SUV – sport utility vehicle – in favor of their own designation of SAV – Sports Activity Vehicle – for the high riding models. Apparently, assuming the rumor mill is getting this right, Rolls-Royce will also go down the same path and introduce its own unique term for the apparition of the Project Cullinan, which is due late 2018. “Project Cullinan? We call it a high-sided vehicle. SUV is not necessarily the right thing to call it because it’s not necessarily sports, it’s not necessarily utility,” commented Rolls-Royce product communications manager Andrew Boyle in a recent interview.

The idea is somewhat understandable as Rolls-Royce’s legacy of elegance and opulence has nothing to do with being sporty or utilitarian. On the other hand, HSV – high-sided vehicle – sounds equally inopportune for one of the company’s most important products. It appears Project Cullinan would also come out as a “different interpretation” than other luxury SUVs – most likely Bentley’s Bentayga. The Cullinan is expected to deploy the company’s all new aluminum space-frame architecture, then available on all future products. The classic V12 is on point, but reports also discuss hybrid and even full electrification possibilities – while an all-wheel drive system is almost certain.

Via Motoring


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