Report – Rolls-Royce not playing around with electricity image

More precisely, according to the latest report coming off the rumor mill, the British ultra-luxury automaker is not playing with half measure, meaning it will not go hybrid and instead try for full electric.

Apparently Rolls-Royce is not going to electrify any of its exquisite machines with a hybrid powertrain, with CEO Torsten Müller-Otvös explaining the brand is going to wait patiently for battery technology to mature and then introduce an uncompromising all-electric model. Müller-Otvös did conceive to the general view of electric powertrains being the future of motoring mobility. He also explained they do not believe the “compromise” of hybrid technology would be accepted by the company’s affluent clients – and Rolls-Royce is going to wait out until electric technology has developed well enough.

“Electrification is the way forward – and there will be no in between steps for us like hybridisation,” commented the main executive at Rolls-Royce on the sidelines of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. “It is the propulsion system for the future, make no error. There is a time – nobody can predict when – when there will be no combustion engines. That will take a long, long time, but it will happen.” The boss also hinted that Rolls-Royce is going to fully use BMW group technology when they do commence work on an electric powertrain.

Via Autocar