Report – Samsung Electronics to enter the autonomous testing playing field image

Google, Apple and now Samsung – it seems all electronics giants have fallen in love with the automotive industry – more precisely the autonomous vehicles segment.

South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport has recently given approval to Samsung Electronics – so not the same Samsung that actually produces cars in its home country under Renault Nissan ownership – to start trials with autonomous prototypes on the public streets of the country. Samsung isn’t interested in building cars on its own – it merely wants to go down the same route as Google’s Waymo and reportedly Apple, that is provide the necessary hardware and software that automakers will use to produce driverless cars.

There’s an entire kit – with sensors, computer modules, artificial intelligence, and deep-learning technologies. The latter might be adamant to the success of this endeavor – as they will reportedly partner to make the car “learn” how to drive in challenging weather. According to the local media, Samsung is among the 20 companies in South Korea that have so far requested approval to test autonomous tech on public roads. The vehicles will be provided by Hyundai, the first company to have requested such a permit. South Korea is aiming to become a hub for such developments, with simpler regulations – automakers can test vehicles without steering wheels and pedals, with a single operator inside, instead of the usual pair.

Via Korea Herald