It has been heard that the company – Bugatti has produced an 800 horsepower electric supercar prototype. This is what has been found from the insiders at Molsheim in France. In this, the surprising news is that, the company will never display this newly produced car to the public, according to a source.

This car features an advanced lithium-ion battery pack along with two gigantic powerful electric motors, which has the capacity to deliver a neck-snapping 1,622-pound feet of torque from 0mph. Besides this, news also says that this working electric supercar will be built on the chassis of a Bentley Continental GT.

Now the first question arises after listening to such news is that, why the company does not want to unveil this car to the public. Well well! Insiders say that this model is an example to study the technology and accordingly allows the engineers to discover the final performance that can be accessible from an electric powertrain. This may be shocking for the car-lovers that they will not get chance to have this model. However, this is the fact that the company has built a battery-powered car earlier as well. You might be remembered that the founder of Bugatti – Ettore Bugatti, has made an electric-car, which are called as Type 56. He used this car just to tour around the factory in Molsheim in France.

Now until and unless the company comes forward and announces the fact, there is no chance of receiving the exact story behind the curtains. Still, one can rely on the sources and get satisfied. If this is true that Bugatti will not let this car come into the market, then car-lovers will have to turn back sadly and look for the other cars entering into the showrooms.


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