Report – Scotland goes green with plans to end ICE by 2032 image

The United Kingdom has recently joined the bandwagon of nations and cities looking to put an end to sales of internally combustion engine new cars by 2040 – but it seems Scotland wants to phase them out even faster.

According to Scottish authorities, the idea is to cease all sales of new gas and diesel-powered cars by 2032 and to support green, electrified vehicles by slamming the throttle on the development of a country-wide charging infrastructure. “Our aim is for new petrol and diesel cars and vans to be phased out in Scotland by 2032—the end of the period covered by our new climate change plan and eight years ahead of the target set by the UK government,” commented first minister Nicola Sturgeon. “We face rapid advances in technology; a moral obligation to tackle climate change.” While some (we’re looking at you Donald Trump) may think climate change is not an issue – the vast majority of specialists warns that swift action needs to be taken now.

And if you need examples, let’s set aside the melting of the Polar Ice Cap – it’s taking place thousands of miles away from us – but how about hurricane Harvey, or the impending Irma that’s going to hit Florida (the storm on itself is bigger than the peninsula) after effectively leveling out the Caribbean’s? Never mind, back to Scotland – Sturgeon allegedly wants to make the A9 Scotland’s electric roadway. And they have the means to achieve this sizeable goal – Scotland is a paradise for clean energy – with wind turbines for example sometimes making more electricity than it’s actually needed.

Via EcoWatch