Report – Seat to enter three new segments with six cars by 2020 image

According to the latest rumor off the mill, the Spanish automaker – who was in a dire financial state not long ago – is valiantly looking into the future and wants to enhance its range even further.

Allegedly the automaker is set to enter no less than three new segments with six new vehicles by 2020, not counting in the recently introduced 2017 Arona subcompact crossover. It seems the company is looking to bring to life even more SUVs – one of them we already know of, a brother to the midsize Skoda Kodiaq – as well as electric vehicles before the decade runs out. One of the bespoke electric models is set to use the underpinnings of the VW Group MEB platform, specifically conceived for use in alternatively-powered vehicles. This particular EV should come out in 2019 and feature enough range to drive around for up to 310 miles (500 kilometers).

Matthais Rabe, the brand’s research and development chief, stated during a recent interview that “with these six new models we will enter at least three new segments. There will be three replacement models but three will be totally new. We have plans up to 2025 on the product side. We are now coming to the biggest product phase.” Of course we should be expecting a new generation of the Leon compact, coming for the first time with a plug in hybrid option.

Via AutoExpress