Report – Seat will bring its first electric model to the market in 2019 image

The Spanish automaker has apparently officially acknowledged its intention to bring its first fully electric vehicle to consumers in 2019, but refrained from saying if we’re dealing with a new model or a version derived from a conventional product.

So, for now, according to Enrique Pastor – Seat’s product strategy chief – chances are the automaker would use the Volkswagen-derived electric powertrain for an all-new product or simply rework an existing model. For the latter case there are some interesting variants – such as the recently facelifted Leon or the new Ateca sport utility vehicle. There’s even a rumor that links the electric capabilities to the yet to be revealed Marbella compact crossover.

The smallish model will go against B segment crossovers and share the same platform as the Volkswagen Up and Seat Mii – but with such a small size we could be looking at a very small battery capacity. So the report claims we’re dealing with just 124 miles (200 kilometers) of range and the drivers won’t even own the vehicle, instead paying monthly for a period of time. Until regulations in Europe became increasingly tougher the Spanish automaker refrained from playing with hybrid and electrification, because of the significant cost issues versus a traditional internal combustion engine development program.

Via Autocar