Allstate’s 8th annual “America’s Best Drivers Report,” labeled Philadelphia drivers as among the worst in the country.

The report shows the 200 largest cities when it comes to car collision frequency and according to it Philadelphia is on the 6th place, as one of the least safe driving cities. The data shows that the average driver in this city is likely to get into an accident every 6.1 years.

The national average would be one crash in a decade. This means that the probability for Philadelphia drivers to get into an accident is 64.1%. The report also shows that capital Washington, D.C. has the least safe roads in the country and that the average driver gets into an accident every 4.7 years.

According to the Allstate report, “America’s Safest Driving City” is Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the 5th year in the report’s 8-year history when this city is on the first place. The average driver in Sioux Falls will get into an accident every 13.8 years, 27.6% less than the nation average of 10 years.

City & Overall Ranking Collision Likelihood Compared to
National Average
Average Years Between Collisions
1.  Sioux Falls, S.D. 27.6% less likely 13.8
2.  Boise, Idaho 27.3% less likely 13.8
3.  Fort Collins, Colo. 26.7% less likely 13.6
4.   Madison, Wisc. 23.0% less likely 13.0
5.  Lincoln, Neb. 19.3% less likely 12.4
6.  Huntsville, Ala. 19.1% less likely 12.4
7.  Chandler, Ariz. 18.9% less likely 12.3
8.  Reno, Nev. 18.4% less likely 12.3
9.  Knoxville, Tenn. 18.1% less likely 12.2
10. Springfield, Mo. 17.4% less likely 12.1





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